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Saturday, 12 August, 2023

3Sicilians Ristorante Triumphs with Award-Winning Prawn & Pancetta Wood-Fire Pizza

A celebration of culinary excellence has taken root in the heart of Newcastle as 3Sicilians Ristorante at Club Stockton emerges victorious, claiming the coveted title of Newcastle & Hunter Region Perfect Plate of 2023. The crowning jewel of their triumph is the unparalleled Prawn & Pancetta Wood-Fire Pizza that has taken taste buds on an extraordinary journey.

Crafted with meticulous care by Chef Franco and his talented team, this award-winning dish marries the finest locally-sourced prawns with the rich allure of pancetta, creating a flavor symphony that transports diners to the sun-soaked shores of Italy. The secret ingredient? Love and dedication. Each bite speaks volumes about the passion that goes into every creation.

What truly sets this pizza apart is its journey through the wood-fire oven. The flames lend a subtle smokiness to the thin, crisp crust, infusing it with an authentic charm that’s difficult to replicate. This meticulous process transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, making each slice a culinary masterpiece.

As the accolades pour in, Chef Franco humbly reflects on the journey. “Our goal has always been to create an experience that lingers on long after the meal ends,” he says. The Perfect Plate award stands as a testament to that very vision.

To experience this gastronomic triumph, visit 3Sicilians Ristorante. Savor the award-winning Prawn & Pancetta Wood-Fire Pizza and become a part of the culinary legacy that has captured the essence of Newcastle’s vibrant food scene in 2023.