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Club Stockton

NRL Draw – 2024 Season watch live

NRL 2024 Season Live on the BIG Screen at Club Stockton, Newcastle NSW.

Get ready to cheer on your Newcastle Knights in the NRL 2024 season! Join us at Club Stockton as we bring all the thrilling action of the Knights’ games to the big screen! Witness every try, tackle, and triumph as the Knights battle it out on the field against their toughest rivals. With a lively atmosphere, delicious food, and drinks flowing, there’s no better place to experience the excitement of NRL than at Club Stockton. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a great time with friends and family, come on down and support the Knights as they strive for victory in the 2024 season!

NRL 2024 full season draw, fixtures and schedule

Round 1 

Date/Time Match
Sat. March 2nd (1.30pm) Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles
Sat March. 2nd (3.30pm) Broncos vs Roosters
Thu. March 7th (8pm) Knights vs Raiders
Fri. March 8th (6pm) Warriors vs Sharks
Fri. March 8th (8.05pm) Storm vs Panthers
Sat. March 9th (5.30pm) Eels vs Bulldogs
Sat. March 9th (7.35pm) Titans vs Dragons
Sun. March 10th (4.05pm) Dolphins vs Cowboys
BYE Wests Tigers

Round 2

Date/Time Match
Thu. March 14th (8pm) Broncos vs Rabbitohs
Fri. March 15th (6pm) Sharks vs Bulldogs
Fri. March 15th (8.05pm) Panthers vs Eels
Sat. March 16th (3pm) Raiders vs Tigers
Sat. March 16th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Knights
Sat. March 16th (7.35pm) Storm vs Warriors
Sun. March 17th (4.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Roosters
Sun. March 17th (6.15pm) Dolphins vs Dragons
BYE Titans

Round 3

Date/Time  Match
Thu. March 21st (8pm) Panthers vs Broncos
Fri. March 22nd (6pm) Warriors vs Raiders
Fri. March 22nd (8.05pm) Roosters vs Rabbitohs
Sat. March 23rd (3pm) Bulldogs vs Titans
Sat. March 23rd (5.30pm) Dragons vs Cowboys
Sat. March 23rd (7.35pm) Tigers vs Sharks
Sun. March 24th (4.05pm) Eels vs Sea Eagles
Sun. March 24h (6.15pm) Knights vs Storm
BYE Dolphins

Round 4

Date/Time Match
Thu. March 28th (8pm) Roosters vs Panthers
Fri. March 29th (4.05pm) Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs
Fri. March 29th (8.05pm) Broncos vs Cowboys
Sat. March 30th (5.30pm) Dragons vs Sea Eagles
Sat. March 30th (7.35pm) Titans vs Dolphins
Sun. March 31st (4.05pm) Warriors vs Knights
Sun. March 31st (6.15pm) Sharks vs Raiders
Mon. April 1st (4pm) Eels vs Tigers
BYE Storm

Round 5

Date/Time Match
Thu. April 4th (8pm) Storm vs Broncos
Fri. April 5th
Bulldogs vs Roosters
Fri. April 5th (8.05pm) Knights vs Dragons
Sat. April 6th (3pm) Rabbitohs vs Warriors
Sat. April 6th (5.30pm) Sea Eagles vs Panthers
Sat. April 6th (7.35pm) Dolphins vs Tigers
Sun. April 7th (4.05pm) Cowboys vs Titans
Sun. April 7th (6.15pm) Raiders vs Eels
BYE Sharks

Round 6

Date/Time Match
Thu. April 11th (7.50pm) Knights vs Roosters
Fri. April 12th (6pm) Storm vs Bulldogs
Fri. April 12th (8pm) Broncos vs Dolphins
Sat. April 13th (3pm) Warriors vs Sea Eagles
Sat. April 13th (5.30pm) Eels vs Cowboys
Sat. April 13th (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Sharks
Sun. April 14th (4.05pm) Tigers vs Dragons
Sun. April 14th (6.15pm) Raiders vs Titans
BYE Panthers

Round 7

Date/Time Match
Thu. April 18th (7.50pm) Roosters vs Storm
Fri. April 19th (6pm) Dragons vs Warriors
Fri. April 19th (8pm) Eels vs Dolphins
Sat. April 20th (3pm) Panthers vs Tigers
Sat. April 20th (5.30pm) Titans vs Sea Eagles
Sat. April 20th (7.35pm) Broncos vs Raiders
Sun. April 21st (2pm) Bulldogs vs Knights
Sun. April 21st (4.05pm) Sharks vs Cowboys
BYE Rabbitohs

Round 8

Date/Time Match
Thu. April 25th (2pm) Warriors vs Titans
Thu. April 25th (4pm) Dragons vs Roosters
Thu. April 25th (7.50pm) Storm vs Rabbitohs
Fri. April 26th (8pm) Sea Eagles vs Eels
Sat. April 27th (5.30pm) Tigers vs Broncos
Sat. April 27th (7.35pm) Cowboys vs Panthers
Sun. April 28th (2pm) Dolphins vs Knights
Sun. April 28th (4.05pm) Raiders vs Sharks
BYE Bulldogs

Round 9

Date/Time Match
Thu. May 2nd (7.50pm) Rabbitohs vs Panthers
Fri. May 3rd
Sea Eagles vs Raiders
Fri. May 3rd
Broncos vs Roosters
Sat. May 4th (3pm) Bulldogs vs Tigers
Sat. May 4th (5.30pm) Titans vs Storm
Sat. May 4th (7.35pm) Cowboy vs Dolphins
Sun. May 5th (2pm) Knights vs Warriors
Sun. May 5th (4.05pm) Sharks vs Dragons
BYE Eels

Round 10

Date/Time Match
Thu. May 9th (7.50pm) Dolphins vs Sea Eagles
Fri. May 10th (6pm) Panthers vs Bulldogs
Fri. May 10th (8pm) Eels vs Broncos
Sat. May 11th (3pm) Tigers vs Knights
Sat. May 11th (5.30pm) Dragons vs Rabbitohs
Sat. May 11th (7.35pm) Storm vs Sharks
Sun. May 12th (2pm) Roosters vs Warriors
Sun. May 12th (4.05pm) Titans vs Cowboys
BYE Raiders

Round 11 (Magic Round)

Date/Time Match
Fri. May 17th (6pm) Raiders vs Bulldogs
Fri. May 17th (8.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Broncos
Sat. May 18th (3pm) Titans vs Knights
Sat. May 18th (5.30pm) Sharks vs Roosters
Sat. May 18th (7.45pm) Rabbitohs vs Cowboys
Sun. May 19th (1.50pm) Warriors vs Panthers
Sun. May 19th (4.05pm) Storm vs Eels
Sun. May 19th (6.25pm) Tigers vs Dolphins
BYE Dragons

Round 12

Date/Time Match
Thu. May 23rd (7.50pm) Bulldogs vs Dragons
Fri. May 24th (6pm) Cowboys vs Tigers
Fri. May 24th (8pm) Sea Eagles vs Storm
Sat. May 25th (3pm) Raiders vs Roosters
Sat. May 25th (5.30pm) Sharks vs Panthers
Sat. May 25th (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Eels
Sun. May 26th (2pm) Broncos vs Titans
Sun. May 26th (4.05pm) Warriors vs Dolphins
BYE Knights

Round 13

Date/Time Match
Thu. May 30th (7.50pm) Eels vs Sharks
Fri. May 31st (8pm) Knights vs Bulldogs
Sat. June 1st (5.30pm) Panthers vs Dragons
Sat. June 1st (7.35pm) Dolphins vs Raiders
Sun. June 2nd (4.05pm) Roosters vs Cowboys
BYE Broncos, Rabbitohs, Storm, Sea Eagles, Titans, Warriors, Tigers

Round 14

Date/Time Match
Fri. June 7th (8pm) Dragons vs Tigers
Sat. June 8th (3pm) Titans vs Rabbitohs
Sat. June 8th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Warriors
Sat. June 8th (7.35pm) Broncos vs Sharks
Sun. June 9th (2pm) Storm vs Knights
Sun. June 9th (4.05pm) Panthers vs Sea Eagles
Mon. June 10th (4pm) Bulldogs vs Eels
BYE Dolphins, Raiders, Roosters

Round 15

Date/Time Match
Thu. June 13th (7.50pm) Sharks vs Dolphins
Fri. June 14th (6pm) Raiders vs Cowboy
Fri. June 14th (8pm) Rabbitohs vs Broncos
Sat. June 15th (3pm) Tigers vs Titans
Sat. June 15th (5.30pm) Warriors vs Storm
Sat. June 15th (7.35pm) Eels vs Roosters
Sun. June 16th (2pm) Sea Eagles vs Dragons
Sun. June 16th (4.05pm) Knights vs Panthers
BYE Bulldogs

Round 16

Date/Time Match
Fri. June 21st (8pm) Dolphins vs Storm
Sat. June 22nd (3pm) Titans vs Warriors
Sat. June 22nd (5.30pm) Roosters vs Bulldogs
Sat. June 22nd (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles
Sun. June 23rd (4.05pm) Tigers vs Raiders
BYE Broncos, Cowboys, Dragons, Eels, Knights, Panthers, Sharks

Round 17

Date/Time Match
Fri. June 28th
Bulldogs vs Sharks
Sat. June 29th (3pm) Warriors vs Broncos
Sat. June 29th (5.30pm) Knights vs Eels
Sat. June 29th (7.35pm) Storm vs Raiders
Sun. June 30th (2pm) Dragons vs Dolphins
Sun. June 30th (4.05pm) Panthers vs Cowboys
Sun. June 30th (6.15pm) Roosters vs Tigers
BYE Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles, Titans

Round 18

Date/Time Match
Thu. July 4th (7.5pm) Eels vs Rabbitohs
Fri. July 5th
Sharks vs Titans
Fri. July 5th
Broncos vs Panthers
Sat. July 6th (3pm) Bulldogs vs Warriors
Sat. July 6th (5.30pm) Tigers vs Storm
Sat. July 6th (7.35pm) Cowboys vs Sea Eagles
Sun. July 7th (2pm) Roosters vs Dragons
Sun. July 7th (4.05pm) Raiders vs Knights
BYE Dolphins

Round 19

Date/Time Match
Thu. July 11th (7.50pm) Dolphins vs Rabbitohs
Fri. July 12th (8pm) Sharks vs Tigers
Sat. July 13th (5.30pm) Titans vs Eels
Sat. July 13th (7.35pm) Broncos vs Dragons
Sun. July 14th (4.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Knights
BYE Bulldogs, Cowboys, Panthers, Raiders, Roosters, Storm, Warriors

Round 20

Date/Time Match
Fri. July 19th (8pm) Raiders vs Warriors
Sat. July 20th (3pm) Rabbitohs vs Tigers
Sat. July 20th (5.30pm) Knights vs Broncos
Sat. July 20th (7.35pm) Storm vs Roosters
Sun. July 21st (2pm) Panthers vs Dolphins
Sun. July 21st (4.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Titans
Sun. July 21st (6.15pm) Cowboys vs Bulldogs
BYE Dragons, Eels, Sharks

Round 21

Date/Time Match
Fri. July 26th (6pm) Warriors vs Tigers
Fri. July 26th (8pm) Eels vs Storm
Sat. July 27th (3pm) Broncos vs Bulldogs
Sat. July 27th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Sharks
Sat. July 27th (7.35pm) Roosters vs Sea Eagles
Sun. July 28th (2pm) Dragons vs Panthers
Sun. July 28th (4.05pm) Dolphins vs Titans
Sun. July 28th (6.15pm) Raiders vs Rabbitohs
BYE Knights

Round 22

Date/Time Match
Thu. August 1st (7.50pm) Tigers vs Cowboys
Fri. August 2nd (6pm) Warriors vs Eels
Fri. August 2nd (8pm) Dolphins vs Roosters
Sat. August 3rd (3pm) Titans vs Broncos
Sat. August 3rd (5.30pm) Storm vs Dragons
Sat. August 3rd (7.35pm) Sharks vs Rabbitohs
Sun. August 4th (2pm) Panthers vs Knights
Sun. August 4th (4.05pm) Bulldogs vs Raiders
BYE Sea Eagles

Round 23

Date/Time Match
Thu. August 8th (7.50pm) Rabbitohs vs Storm
Fri. August 9th (6pm) Titans vs Sharks
Fri. August 9th (8pm) Eels vs Panthers
Sat. August 10th (3pm) Raiders vs Sea Eagles
Sat. August 10th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Broncos
Sat. August 10th (7.35pm) Dragons vs Bulldogs
Sun. August 11th (2pm) Dolphins vs Warriors
Sun. August 11th (4.05pm) Knights vs Tigers
BYE Roosters

Round 24

Date/Time Match
Thu. August 15th (7.50pm) Storm vs Panthers
Fri. August 16th (6pm) Sea Eagles vs Warriors
Fri. August 16th (8pm) Roosters vs Eels
Sat. August 17th (3pm) Bulldogs vs Dolphins
Sat. August 17th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Raiders
Sat. August 17th (7.35pm) Tigers vs Rabbitohs
Sun. August 18th (2pm) Dragons vs Titans
Sun. August 18th (4.05pm) Sharks vs Knights
BYE Broncos

Round 25

Date/Time Match
Thu. August 22nd (7.50pm) Tigers vs Sea Eagles
Fri. August 23rd (6pm) Warriors vs Bulldogs
Fri. August 23rd (8pm) Broncos vs Eels
Sat. August 24th (3pm) Raiders vs Panthers
Sat. August 24th (5.30pm) Storm vs Dolphins
Sat. August 24th (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Knights
Sun. August 25th (2pm) Titans vs Roosters
Sun. August 25th (4.05pm) Dragons vs Sharks
BYE Cowboys

Round 26

Date/Time Match
Thu. August 29th (7.50pm) Cowboys vs Storm
Fri. August 30th (6pm) Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles
Fri. August 30th (8pm) Panthers vs Rabbitohs
Sat. August 31st (3pm) Eels vs Dragons
Sat. August 31st (5.30pm) Dolphins vs Broncos
Sat. August 31st (7.35pm) Sharks vs Warriors
Sun. September 1st (2pm) Knights vs Titans
Sun. September 1st (4.05pm) Roosters vs Raiders
BYE Tigers

Round 27

Date/Time Match
Thu. September 5th (7.50pm) Broncos vs Storm
Fri. September 6th (6pm) Tigers vs Eels
Fri. September 6th (8pm) Rabbitohs vs Roosters
Sat. September 7th (3pm) Dragons vs Raiders
Sat. September 7th (5.30pm) Bulldogs vs Cowboys
Sat. September 7th (7.35pm) Panthers vs Titans
Sun. September 8th (2pm) Sea Eagles vs Sharks
Sun. September 8th (4.05pm) Knights vs Dolphins
BYE Warriors



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