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Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier

UFC 302: Makhachev vs. Poirier is primed to set the mixed martial arts world alight with a thrilling encounter at the next Ultimate Fighting Championship event. As the octagon doors shut, the excitement mounts with Islam Makhachev, the current lightweight champion, poised to defend his title against the strong contender, Dustin Poirier.

This matchup is anticipated to be a tactical battle of contrasting styles. Hosted in a dynamic arena brimming with enthusiastic fans, UFC 302 transcends the mere concept of a fight; it is a display of athleticism, strategy, and sheer force. Fans globally are preparing to experience what is expected to be an unforgettable installment in UFC lore.

Club Stockton invites you to watch on the club’s renowned BIG Screen, offering the best view in the house.

UFC 302 Card

Islam Makhachev  vs.  Dustin Poirier 155 lbs
Sean Strickland  vs.  Paulo Costa 185 lbs
Dolidze  vs.  Hernandez 185 lbs
Almeida  vs.  Romanov 265 lbs
Edwards  vs.  Perez 135 lbs
Gall  vs.  Hafez 170 lbs
Dawson  vs.   Solecki 155 lbs
Rowe  vs.  Matthews 170 lbs
Hyun Sung Park  vs.  André Lima 125 lbs
Roman Kopylov  vs.  César Almeida 185 lbs
Randy Brown  vs.  Elizeu Zaleski 170 lbs
Niko Price  vs.  Alex Morono 170 lbs
Tatsuro Taira  vs.  Joshua Van 125 lbs

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